Irlen Syndrome is a specific type of perceptual problem.

About Irlen Syndrome

Irlen Syndrome is a specific type of perceptual problem that affects the way the brain processes visual information. It is not an optical problem.

For those with Irlen Syndrome, the brain is unable to process full spectral light. This results in:

  • a range of distortions in the environment
  • a range of distortions on the printed page
  • physical and behavioural symptoms

It is exacerbated by environmental factors such as lighting, brightness, glare, high contrast, patterns and colours. Irlen Syndrome affects people of all ages.

The Irlen Method is a non-invasive patented treatment that uses precision tinted filters worn as glasses or contact lenses. These selectively reduce the input of specific wavelengths of light and allow the brain to process visual information correctly, without distortions and physical/behavioural symptoms.

Extensive research includes experimental controls and peer reviews. Brain research at the cellular level has provided new information regarding the operation of the visual pathways and provides an explanation for the demonstrated effectiveness of Irlen Filters