Irlen Syndrome is a specific type of perceptual problem.

Sensitivity of Light, Colours, Patterns and Contrast

Irlen Syndrome may cause a range of difficulties with sensitivity to light. This includes a sensitivity to any kind of light, especially fluorescent, as well as certain colours and patterns. The following symptoms can be treated with the Irlen Method of precision tinted filters worn as glasses or contact lenses:

  • Discomfort from fluorescent light, sunlight, bright lights, glare, lights at night.
  • Difficulties with white boards, especially interactive white boards, overhead projectors, bright shiny surfaces and black print on white paper when reading, writing or copying.
  • Problems with high contrast, especially black print on white paper, but also bright colours in clothes and displays, busy patterns such as stripes, polka dots, swirls on clothes, displays, wallpaper and carpets.

Because people do not realise that what they experience is different, they are often not aware that they are suffering unnecessarily and that they could be helped with colour. Sometimes people instinctively choose colours for decoration or writing on that are soothing and comfortable. This can be an indication of their sensitivity.

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