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The Irlen® Method

Initial Screening.

Screening to determine whether a person has Irlen Syndrome and whether they can be helped by colour. The testing is carried out by certified Irlen Screeners or by Irlen Diagnosticians. The screening determines the severity of the problem, mainly on the printed page in areas of affecting reading as well as physical symptoms experienced with reading and visually intensive tasks. At the end of the screening coloured overlays are provided to use when reading. The overlays are a diagnostic tool and demonstrate some of the benefits of colour but will not treat Irlen Syndrome.

Ideally, you would have first completed the form available on the website www.irlen.com 

A Screening by a qualified Irlen Screener is the fisr stage of the assessment process, if the outcome is positive of a profile consistent with Irlen Syndrome then a referral may be made for further testing.

For some people, the first stage may show that they do not have Irlen Syndrome. For others it may determine that they have a mild level of Irlen Syndrome and there is no need for any further testing.

Those who have moderate to high scores on the screening and find that the coloured overlays help need to go onto Stage Two.

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