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It is a well known fact that businesses suffer from staff illness, absence, and lack of productivity from employees who have Irlen Syndrome. They report that these factors have a significant impact on productivity and profitability.

Surveys have shown the negative effects of the working environment. People report headaches, eyestrain and migraine caused by the office environment. They also report that they subject their eyes to harsh and different lighting conditions many times during the day. Some report harsh lighting constantly during the working day. A significant number report headaches and tired eyes caused by the artificial lighting and computer screens.

A job performance survey found that Irlenテつョ Filters can provide significant improvements in quality of life. People experience less eyestrain and fatigue and fewer headaches. In addition:

  • 95% found significant improvement in their ability to do their job.
  • 94% found their level of productivity improved significantly.
  • 91% reported a substantial decrease in the factors for absenteeism.
  • 91% felt increased job satisfaction.

Perceptual stress in the environment, caused by Irlen Syndrome, produces serious effects on the physical wellbeing of employees but also serious consequences for employers and for their profitability.

Irlen centres throughout the UK are consulted by companies that wish to improve productivity while demonstrating that staff wellbeing is of high importance. Consultation may include:

  • initial discussion with manager or relevant department head.
  • awareness raising with managers or staff as a whole.
  • an environmental audit to identify sources of stress.
  • group or individual screening to identify those with Irlen Syndrome.
  • full assessment and colour evaluation to provide treatment.
  • follow up monitoring and re-evaluation of colours.

The results are not only good for the company but also enhance the lives of staff outside work and so encourage loyalty and goodwill towards the employer.

In the first instance, we're happy to be contacted by any company within the UK that wishes to discuss, without obligation, how our expertise can increase productivity and staff wellbeing.

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